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17 Demotivating Factors ! Beware ! - ItsMyAcademy.comItsMyAcademy.com

17 Demotivating Factors ! Beware !

Many times we notice that people get demotivated by many factors. In the search of this, I found some of the factors which make people demotivated. I hope you will be far from such “–“   negative factors.

1.       Unfair Criticism.

2.       Negative Criticism.

3.       Public humiliation.

4.       Rewarding the non-performer which can be de-motivating for the performer.

5.       Failure or fear of failure.

6.       Success which leads to complacence.

7.       Lack of direction.

8.       Lack of measurable objectives.

9.       Low self-esteem.

10.   Lack of priorities.

11.   Negative self-lack.

12.   Office Politics

13.   Unfair Treatment.

14.   Hypocrisy.

15.   Poor Standards.

16.   Frequent Change.

17.   Responsibility without Authority.

It is not compulsory that if a man is satisfied means he is motivated, sometimes people starts satisfying themselves in small.