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Alternate for Skying House Rates…. Make a Egg House ! - ItsMyAcademy.comItsMyAcademy.com

Alternate for Skying House Rates…. Make a Egg House !

Hey! Friends now we don’t have to worry paying a huge amount in rent if u r single? You can afford your own home. Yeah really !

You know one Chinese designer; Daihai Fei has designed a solution for all …We can have our own home within $1000…..Yeah ! “Its Egg House”

The young, Daihai Fei , come to highly expensive city Beijing for studying in university from  Hunan. Within 6 months of his graduation he became so poplar as he lives in mobile house, an EGG HOUSE.

Rents of conventional house or apartment are really expensive and he has to spend most of his income n doing so. Within 2 months and with 6400 Yuan ( $960 ) he build his egg house.

It is built with bamboo frames, covered with various insulating materials and topped with a layer of stitches bag. And you know, bags are even filled with sawdust, grass seeds etc  to which he  waters regularly just like we do in garden to grow grass faster. He might be inspired by the grass-covered-roofs of Norway.

Inside the house he is able to decorate all the necessary facilities, including a bed, a small sink, a lamp powered by a small solar panel and even a tiny bookshelf.

After 2 months of living experience, Mr. Fei says that his quality of life has greatly improved. He is not worrying now about any rents. He has enough money to go out for Noodle, MoMos, coffee or beer.

And more you know he has moved his mobile house to right across from his workplace. He is saving bus fair as well as his time! If u talk about Mr. Fei’s health, Oh! he is very careful with his earning, making sure,  he has enough to go for swimming every day after his work where he also takes a shower !

I think, I should also make such house here in Delhi, I don’t want to pay anymore my hard earned money to eagle eyed house honor….Ha ha…


  • Manish

    Super ! I m going to make such house 1st time in India ! Dude !

  • vikrant

    whoooo this is nice i like his idea nd i like his egg house. <3