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Attend Free ACT Webinars to Increase the College & Career ReadinessItsMyAcademy.com

Attend Free ACT Webinars to Increase the College & Career Readiness

We all know that ACT organizes various types of webinars to help students in every prospect of their educational career. This ACT webinars always help students on using the ACT products and solution in best way. Again, ACT is organizing next free one hour Webinar to increase the college and career readiness of students on 24th April 2012 at 1:00 p.m. to 2:00, central time. You can register for free.
Click  link below the images and apply for the webinar.

free act webinar

People Invited for This ACT Webinar
Since helping students to achieve better college education is everyone’s aim. So this webinars is basically organizing for:-
1.    Counselors
2.    Curriculum Directors
3.    District Administrators
4.    Principals
5.    Post secondary Administrators
6.    School Board Members
7.    Superintendents
8.    Teachers
ACT offered webinars helps us to evaluate students learning successes and needed improvements. Students can translate individual and aggregate assessment scores into skills acquired gaps in skills. ACT Webinars helps students to improve curriculum and add rigor on them. AC T Team always advises students and support interventions.  ACT always discusses on implement strategies and tactics to better prepare the students for college and their educational career.
As we all know ACT has more than 50 years of research data to support the use of ACT’s curriculum-based, linked and longitudinal assessments and other solutions. So overall we can say that due to very good statistics based experience ACT exactly know what happens to high school graduates once they enter into college. They know very well how they word and how they can maximize their potential and then success.