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BCA Sample Papers for 3rd Semester of DATABASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEMItsMyAcademy.com

BCA Sample Papers for 3rd Semester of DATABASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM






Time: 3 Hours                                                                                                   Total Marks: 60

Notes: –

 1.                  Attempt any FIVE questions

2.         Each question carries Equal marks.

  1.     State the usage of Checkpoints, Log files and Time stamp mechanism.
  2.    Explain the role and function of DBA.      
  3.    Briefly discuss the advantages of an RDBMS over a traditional flat-file system.
  4.   Define Transaction. Explain the ACID properties of the transaction in Detail with the help of an example.
  5.   Explain the Two Phase Protocol in detail with the help of an example.
  6.   Explain the Two Tier and Three Tier Client – Server Architecture in detail.
  7.  Explain the Insert, Update and Deletion anomalies.
  8.   Explain the Components of a typical Database Management System.
  9.   Write short notes on any TWO:-

a)                  Normalization

b)                  Recovery Techniques

c)                  Relational model.

d)                 B Trees

e)                  Access rights



1.  You can Save above BCA Sample Paper in MS Word on your computer  for future use and printing.

2. Above BCA Sample paper has been created to help students of BCA first semester preparing for the exam of DATABASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM.

3. The above sample paper doesn’t ensure that the same or similar type of question will come in you exam. It may come or not. It depends on your university. We are just trying to help by providing the possibilities.

4. We personally recommend you to go thoroughly with your syllabus of BCA , text book questions and concepts to get better marks.

Good Luck for Your Upcoming BCA Exam..