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Calculators Allowed in ACT Test -Prohibited Calculators in ACT ExamItsMyAcademy.com

Calculators Allowed in ACT Mathematics Test – Prohibited Calculators in ACT Mathematics Exam

Are you going to take ACT this time? How is your preparation of ACT mathematics section? You might be asking someone which types of calculators are allowed in ACT Mathematics test.  You come to right place. In the following article we are going to discuss about use of calculators in ACT Mathematics exam.
Everybody knows that calculators are allowed in ACT mathematics section. But do you know many types of the calculators are not allowed in ACT Mathematics test. You are not allowed to use calculators on any other ACT Tests; most probably you may not need to use calculators. In other test calculating questions will be easy so that you can easily solve.
Every ACT candidate is suggested to use calculators in ACT Mathematics test because it is faster to calculate. Before saying which type of calculators you have to use in ACT Mathematics test. I will never forget to mention practice a lot with the calculator which you are going to use in the day of ACT mathematics test. Because using a powerful but unfamiliar calculator may ruin your ACT examination by slowing down your speed of punching numbers or symbols. While taking self test of ACT mathematics exam you can use your calculator again and again to make it habit, even your fingers will recognize them same like computer keyword, without watching you will press perfect buttons.
Types of Calculators Allowed in ACT Mathematics Test
You can use any four-function, scientific or graphing calculators. If your calculators is having some features that falls on the prohibited criteria calculator features then you may have to go under some modification.
Prohibited Calculators in ACT Mathematics Test
Here is the list of prohibited calculators & features for ACT Mathematics Test.
1.    Calculators with pocket organizers are not allowed in ACT Mathematics test
2.    Electronic Writing pad or pen-input device is not allowed. You can use Sharp EL 9600.
3.    Handheld or laptops computers iphones, ipads are not allowed in ACT test.
4.    Calculators with Type Writer Keypad like in Qwerty format are not allowed. But if you have calculators with letter keys not in Qwerty format then it is allowed.
5.    Calculators with built-in computers  algebra systems are prohibited.
Some Calculators not permitted in ACT:
Casio :- Algebra FX 2.0, ClassPad 300 and all model numbers that begin wth CFX-9970G
6.    Hewlett-Packard: HP 78Gll and all models numbers calculators that begins with HP 40 G or HP 49G.
7.    Texas Instruments:- All model numbers which begins with TI-89 or Tl-92

Calculators Permitted with Modification
Below I have mentioned some calculators that are permitted after modification.
1.    Calculators with paper tape- Remove Tape
2.    Calculators that make noise- Turn Off the Calculators
3.    Calculators that can communicate wirelessly with other calculators or devices – Completely cover the infrared data port with heavy opaque materials.
4.    Calculators with power code – Removing all power, electrical cords.