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Sample Paper for M.Sc IT C programming & .Net Frame Work

Sample Paper for M.Sc IT C programming & .Net Frame Work TERM END EXAMINATIONS M.SC. INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY– III, YEAR 2 C# PROGRAMMING AND .NET FRAME WORK Duration -3 Hrs                                                                                                                                      […]


 TERM END EXAMINATIONS B.SC IN MEDICAL LAB TECHNOLOGY, YEAR –3rd    HEAMOSTASIS AND QUALITY ASSURANCE Time: 3 hours                                                                                                  M.Marks:60   Note: – Attempt any 5 questions. All questions carry equal marks.   Q1.      What is the Definition of Hemostasis and phases of Hemostasis? Q2.      Explains various Events in hemostasis. Q3.      Discuss Laboratory […]

Gravitational Force – Properties and Examples of Gravitational Force

THE GRAVITATIONAL FORCE  What is gravitational force? Mention its important properties. Give some examples of gravitational force.  Gravitational force is the force of mutual attraction between two bodies by virtue of their masses. It is a universal force. Every body attracts every other body of the universe with this force. According to Newton’s law of gravitation, the […]

Jorge Luis Borges 112th Birthday Google Doodle

Hello Everyone ! Once again Google is giving tribute to another legend of literature Jorge Luis Borges (August 24, 1899 – June 14, 1986). His real name is Jorge Francisco Isidoro Luis Borges Acevedo.   Mr. Borges is a famous writer, poet , essayist and translator. The literature has been famous internationally when he published Prix Formentor . The great Borges won Jerusalem Prize for […]

What is Physics ?

Physics is a basic discipline in the category of Natural Science. The word “ Physics came from the Greek word ‘Fusis’ meaning nature. Its Sanskrit equivalent is “Bhautiki that is used to refer to the study of the physical world. Hence Physics is the branch of science which is devoted to the study of nature […]

“Women of the Year 2010″ – Sandra Bullock- America’s Sweetheart

America’s leading magazine of Celebrity & Human Interest Stories has honored Sandra Bullock “Women of the year 2010”. source- wikipedia.org Sandra Bullock is an American Actress and also 14th richest women of America (2007). You might have seen her in popular films like Speed, While You Were Sleeping, The Proposal, The Blind Side etc. The […]

Your Few Seconds Can Save Thousands of Life!

Friend’s some time; you know I feel G- for God and G for Google too. I have learn invaluable knowledges from Google. And we everybody do it. Google has made a virtual universe of dream. Whatever you want just write in Google’s search page, you will get that within second in front of you. By […]

16 Obstacles Of Successful Life !

I have observed many people from my small home to this large Delhi city in more than 2 decades, many people become success to get what they really need while many of them become unsuccessful. I saw many obstacles in their life. I think if we also knew this obstacles and try to go ahead […]

Beware Guys! Keeping Laptop in Knee Can Harm Your Fertility !

Boys ! Take a Serious Attention ! It is the question of your child man! Recently a study conducted in US, as it appeared in the journal of Fertility & Sterility, shows that the man who balances his laptop in his nether regions could gets problem in his fertility because the laptop/computer heated his scrotum […]

In Which Season You Born My Friend? Let Me Predict Your Nature?

Many people do not believe but now scientists are also saying that the season in which you got birth really affects the body clock, moods etc… A new research has claimed that the month one is born can affect one’s health and personality.  They  said, if the baby gets born in the summer months he/her […]

“World’s First Baby” Get Birth In MRI Machine !

You know friend first time in the world a baby get birth in a MRI machine .The woman from Berlin , Germany has given birth to a baby in MRI machine. By hard work of 2 years a team of obstetricians, radiologists and engineers at Charity Hospital have created an “open” MRI scanner that allows […]