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Probability Problems Solving -When Two Coins are Tossed 500 Times

In previous video lesson of Probability we learned to find the find the probability of a coin tossed for 1000 times. Now in this video lesson of Probability we are going to probability for tossing two coins together for 5000 times. This is looking a little bit different than previous one but not exactly it […]

Probability Problems Solving -When a Coin is Tossed 1000 Times

In previous videos lesson of probability we learned the basic idea of probability in our daily life as well as probability from mathematical approach too. Now in this video lesson of probability we are going to solve a problem related to probability. Its is the first and one of the simplest example of probability chapter. […]

What is Probability ? Basics Concepts of Probability in Maths

Welcome to Very First Video lesson of Probability! The word “Probably” is commonly used in our daily life conversations and we generally use this word even without going into details of its actual meaning. Generally, people have a rough idea about its meaning. In our daily life we come across statements like : 1.       It […]