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How to Write the First Four (4) terms of an Arithmetic Sequences

In previous video we learnt to check the Arithmetic progression now in this video we will learn to find the first four (4) terms of the Arithmetic Progression if we know the first term (a) and the common difference (d). We can easily find any term if we know the first term and common difference […]

How to Confirm If They are Arithmetic Progression

In previous video we learnt a little bit about checking Arithmetic Sequence or Arithmetic Progression. In this video, now we are going to check again whether the Progressions or Sequences is Arithmetic type or not with lots of examples mostly with numbers not in word problem. In previous video we had checked in word problem […]

How to Check Arithmetic Sequences Situations

Hi friend, in previous video we learnt the basic concept of Arithmetic Sequence or Arithmetic Progression.In this video now we are going to how to check whether the Progression or Sequence is a Arithmetic type or not. So I hope now you are ready with you pen and notebook. Lets start ! I hope you now understand […]