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Top 10 iPhone and iPad Apps for Students

Almost every day, new apps are being designed to help students learn new information, study for tests, and organize their homework and projects. However, some apps are much better than others. Here are ten of the best apps to help a student be more successful. 1. Evernote – Free Evernote is one of the most […]

What Are 3-D Graphics?

For many of us, games on a computer or advanced game system are the most common ways we see 3-D graphics. These games, or movies made with computer-generated images, have to go through three major steps to create and present a realistic 3-D scene: Creating a virtual 3-D world. Determining what part of the world […]

How 3-D Graphics Work ? What Makes a Picture 3-D?

You’re probably reading this on the screen of a computer monitor — a display that has two real dimensions, height and width. But when you look at a movie like “Toy Story II” or play a game like TombRaider, you see a window into a three-dimensional world. One of the truly amazing things about this […]


INTRODUCTION Now a days, mobile phones are one of the most essential necessity for all of us… it is even comparable with our basic necessities like air, water and food… It is strange but it is true… It can also be said that man has become the slave of this facility. Mobile phones have made […]

Hurray! Now, “Google Voice Application Supports iPad & iPod Touch “

According to Google’s web blog now Google voice application now supports the iPad & iPod.  Few days ago, Google had launched “Google Voice for iPhones” . After focus very much on the matter, now Google is able to add a few improvements that caused not to release previously. From today onward you can easily download […]

“Top 10 Twitter Trends 2010” Reavealed !

The Top 10 Twitter Trends of 2010 are :- 1.  Gulf Oil Spill 2. FIFA World Cup 3. Inception 4. Haiti Earthquake 5. Vuvuzela 6. Apple iPad 7. Google Android 8. Justin Bieber 9. Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows 10. Pulpo Paul As we all know that Twitter is one of the main window […]

“Google Top 10 Searches of 2010” Revealed!

Hey friends! Google revealed the” Top 10 Searches of 2010” made by people based on the places worldwide soon after releasing of Top Yahoo searches 2010. This year’s Top 10 Fastest Rising Searches 2010 are:- chatroulette ipad justin bieber nicki minaj friv myxer katy perry twitter gamezer facebook If we discuss in category wise then […]

.XXX Domain for Porn Websites ! Easy to Catch!

You have seen many kinds extension in domain name. After few days, we shall start seeing “ .xxx” for porn sites. After many times of “No” now ICANN (the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names & Numbers) has okayed for .xxx extension in domain names of porn sites. ICM Rgistry will mange and sell this new […]

“World’s First Baby” Get Birth In MRI Machine !

You know friend first time in the world a baby get birth in a MRI machine .The woman from Berlin , Germany has given birth to a baby in MRI machine. By hard work of 2 years a team of obstetricians, radiologists and engineers at Charity Hospital have created an “open” MRI scanner that allows […]

“Space Wedding” A New Way Of Marriage !

Hey my dear! … It has been more than 2 years that I fall in love with you. Now, it’s the time to get married, right? Why don’t we think something strange, something unique way of marrying? My dear Honey now, though we are born in this world, grown up…but we will get married in […]

Alternate for Skying House Rates…. Make a Egg House !

Hey! Friends now we don’t have to worry paying a huge amount in rent if u r single? You can afford your own home. Yeah really ! You know one Chinese designer; Daihai Fei has designed a solution for all …We can have our own home within $1000…..Yeah ! “Its Egg House” The young, Daihai […]