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How to Understand the Basics of Trigonometric Solutions

First thing, when solving a TRIG equation, is to understand or accept that each of SINE, COSINE and TANGENT have 2 angles that will satisfy the given equation within any 360 degree range. This applies only when we have things like sin(x) or tan(x) + 2 for example. If we have multiples, such as cos(2x), […]

How to Prove Trigonometric Identities Sec2A – Tan2A = 1 Proof

Hi Friends, In this video we are going to learn another very important trigonometry identity which Sec^2X + Tan^2X = 1. This identity will be very helpful in future so keep in mind and see we derive this formula too. I hope you understand the concept hidden inside this trigonometry identity or formula. Now lets […]