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How to Remember and Write Trigonomery Tables If You Know One

In previous lessons we learned to find the trigonometric ratios like Sine, Cos, Tan etc of 0 degree, 30 degree, 45 degree, 60 degree & 90 degree. Now we are summarizing this ratios in a single table in this lesson! This is really a wonderful trick to remember all the trigonometry table & write them […]

How to Find The Trigonometric Ratios of Zero (0) Degree Angle

In previous lessons we learned to find the trigonometric ratios of 45 degree, 30 degree & 60 degree. Now in this lesson we will learn to find the trigonometric ratios of zero  (0) degree angle. The lesson is quite conceptual so please try to understand it properly but not that much too.  You can  easily […]

How to Find the Trigonometric Ratios of 60 Degree

This is the continuing part of previous post – ” How to find the trigonometric ratios of 30 degree” . But here we will learn extra that we will also find the six (6) trigonometric ratios  that are Sine, Cosine, Tan, Cot, Cosec &  Sec for 60 degree angle . It will be really enjoying […]

How to Find Trigonometric Ratios of 30 Degree

As we learned the 6 trigonometric ratios of 45 degree angle , in the same way now we will find the 6 trigonometric ratios of 30 degree angle. But we will find out this value combining the 60 degree in the same figure. You might be saying if we know the value that’ enough but […]

How to Find Trigonometric Ratios of 45 Degree

Hi friends ! Once again ! So far we have learned many things about trigonometry. We know very good about the fundamental trigonometric ratios. We learned to find the angle, to find the value of given trigonometric expressions, trigonometric verifying problems and so on ! Now our trigonometric learning journey has been a little been […]

How to Solve Trigonometric Verifying Problems

In previous video we learned solving the trigonometric expressions based on trigonometric ratios. Now in this video we will learn a little bit different problem.  Here we have to verify the Left Hand Side Trigonometric expression with Right Hand Side Trigonometric expression. So, Are you ready for the next trigonometric ratios lesson? Make your pen […]

Trigonometry-Solving Trigonometric Expression Using Pythagoras Theorem

In previous trigonometric tutorial we learned to find the value of trigonometric expression from given relation or ratio.   In this trigonometric lesson also we will try to Solve Trigonometric Expression Using Pythagoras Theorem. It is almost same as previous this video is just for the more practice and clearance ! So, close you eyes […]

Solving Trigonometric Expression From Given Relation- Ratio

In previous post we learned to find out the 5 other trigonometric ratios if we are given one ! Now in this page we are now going to solve a problem. In this problem we have to find out the value of a trigonometric expression from a given relation or ratio ! Its simple ” […]