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How to Find Trigonometric Ratios Based on Reference Angle

Hi ! I hope you are watching continuously the videos series of trigonometry. Now you are perfect in trigonometric fundamental concept please learn & remember those tricksĀ  & short sentences. Now in this videos we are going to learn – how to find the trigonometric ratios based on the reference angle taken. First think this […]

Trigonometry Basic Concepts 2

Hope you have watched the previous post if not yet Please 1st study – Trigonometric Introduction and Basic concepts 1 In this video we will learn theĀ  trigonometric ratios and their values. There are 6 trigonometric ratios -Sine, Cosine, Tan, Cosec, Sec & Cot and their inter relationship .There is detail in video .. Great […]

Introduction to Trigonometry-Basic Concepts 1

Hi, here we will see a introductory video of Trigonometry. We will know in this video what exactly we do in trigonometry. What we study? And a fundamental concepts of trigonometry. There are some tricks to remember the basic trigonometric formulas in simple words. Please watch the video curiously and try to solve the problem […]