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Database Management System Sample Paper for MCA First SemesterItsMyAcademy.com

Database Management System Sample Paper for MCA First Semester




Duration -3 Hrs                                     Max Marks: 100


Note:  1. Attempt any five questions.

     2. All question carry equal marks.


Q1.  List down advantages of RDBMS over traditional file system. And explain the role of Database administrator.

Q2.  What is Normalization? Explain the various types of normalization with its advantages and disadvantages?

Q3.  What is meant by the concurrent execution of database transaction in a multi-user system? Discuss why concurrency control is needed, discuss with some examples

Q4.  Explain various Recovery techniques.

Q5.  Explain the following:

i)        ACID Properties

ii)      Checkpoints

iii)    Deadlocks

iv)    Two Phase locking Protocol

Q6   (a)   What are Indexes? Explain the use of Indexes.

(b)   Explain how you can optimize your Query.

Q7. Write SQL Query for following Table:

Student RollNo.

Student Name

Class ID

Student Class

001 Arun 1 MCA I
029 Amit 1 MCA I
120 Ramesh 2 MCA III
234 Ankur 3 Mtech

Class ID

Teacher Name


1 Prof. Arun Nair DBMS
1 Prof.Satyajit Java
3 Prof.Sen OS
2 Prof Wattson Networking


  •                    I.      Find No. of students in MCA I
  •                 II.      Who is teacher of Ramesh?
  •              III.      Find No. of students for OS Course
  •              IV.      What is class of Prof.Arun Nair
  1.                 V.      List the names of students those who are attending Java Classes

Q8.  (a) What is the need of Backup in a database system?

(b) Describe the methods used for Backup and recovery?

(c) What is the purpose of Rollback?

Q9.   (a) What do you understand from functional dependencies?

(b)   What is data redundancy? How does it affect consistency?

(c) Explain Data Independence and its types in brief.