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Diploma in Civil Engineering 2nd year Sample Paper of Surveying IItsMyAcademy.com

Diploma in Civil Engineering 2nd year Sample Paper of Surveying I



Duration -3 Hours                                 Max Marks: 60 

Note:  1. Attempt any FIVE questions.

           2. All questions carry equal marks.

  1. 1.                  Describe briefly the advantages and disadvantages of plane table surveying
  2. 2.                  What are the permanent adjustments of a dumpy level? Describe the methods of testing and restoring its permanent adjustment.
  3. 3.                  Explain the surveying telescope with a neat sketch.
  4. 4.                  Describe the Planimeter. Explain how you would use it in finding the area of a given figure. What precautions would you take in its manipulations?
  5. 5.                  Write short note on the following:
    1. Linear Measurements
    2. Angular Measurement
  6. 6.                  Explain the principle on which chain survey is based. When does it become inconvenient? What type of area is best suited for chain surveying?
  7. 7.                  The length of chain line as obtained from the field-book was 125 m. What is the actual length of a line if the chain used was 0.15 m too long?
  8. 8.                  What is meant by traverse surveying? How does it differ from chain surveying? Distinguish between a closed traverse and an open traverse.
  9. 9.                  Convert the following reduced bearings to whole circle bearings:
    1. N 45 o   30’ E
    2. N 60 o   20’ W
    3. S 80 o    16’ E
    4. S 20 o    35’ W

NOTE: Above sample paper for Diploma in Civil Engineering 2nd year of Surveying-I has been created after reviewing various universities question papers. We are not sure whether your university has same or similar question pattern. We always suggest you to go thoroughly with text books, teachers’ notes etc. for better results.

We wish you best of luck for upcoming examinations.