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DOPPLER & ECHO CARDIOGRAPHY Sample Papers for B.Sc Radio Imaging Technology for Third YearItsMyAcademy.com

DOPPLER & ECHO CARDIOGRAPHY Sample Papers for B.Sc Radio Imaging Technology for Third Year





Duration: 3 Hrs.                                                                                                                                 Max. Marks: 60

Note:  1. Attempt any FIVE questions.

           2. All questions carry equal marks.


Q. 1.          What do you mean by Doppler? Explain the advantages and disadvantages of Doppler ultrasound.

Q. 2.          What is pulsed Doppler? Write down the limitations of Doppler ultrasound.

Q. 3.          Explain the Duplex scanner. Write short note on continuous wave Doppler.

Q. 4.          Write down the principle and advantages of colour Doppler?

Q. 5.          Complete the following terms:

i)                             Colour flow mapping is based on …………..

ii)                           Pulsed Doppler uses a …………… transducers to emit short bursts of ultrasound.

iii)                         Continuous wave Doppler uses ………….. transducers crystals mounted side by side.

iv)                         Duplex scanners combine both pulso ………….. & Doppler.

Q. 6.          Write Short note on (Any four)                                                

i)                             CWD &  PWD system

ii)                           Technical consideration of Doppler ultrasound

iii)                         Colour flow mapping

iv)                         Applications of Doppler ultrasound

v)                           Role of doppler ultrasound

vi)                         Doppler flow maging

Q. 7.          Write short note on scattering of ultrasound by moving blood.



1. You can save above Sample Paper created for DOPPLER & ECHO CARDIO GRAPHY

 of B. SC. RADIO IMAGING TECHNOLOGY  in MS Word on your computer for future use and printing purpose.

2. Above Sample paper of B. SC. IN RADIO IMAGING TECHNOLOGY  has been created to help students of B.sc third first who are preparing for the exam of  DOPPLER & ECHO CARDIO GRAPHY.

3. The above sample paper doesn’t ensure that the same or similar type of question will come in you exam. It may come or not. It depends on your university. We are just trying to help by providing the possibilities.

4. We personally recommend you to go thoroughly with your syllabus of  B. SC. IN RADIO IMAGING TECHNOLOGY,  book  and concepts to get better marks.

Good Luck for Your Upcoming B.Sc Examination……………