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Download B.Sc Microbiology Sample Paper for Industrial Microbiology 3rd YearItsMyAcademy.com

Download B.Sc Microbiology Sample Paper for Industrial Microbiology 3rd Year



Time: 3 hours                                                                                                  M.Marks:60

Note: – Attempt any 5 questions.

All questions carry equal marks.

  1. Write the principle and methods of preservation of industrially important

2. Write the classification and identification of yeasts.
3. Describe the production of lactic acid from various sources.
4. Explain the biochemistry and mechanism of Acetone-Butanol production.
5. Describe different types of growth media, how are chemoheterotrophs isolated?
6. How is propionic acid manufactured? What are the requirements?
7. Explain the different types of fermentors and the significance of each fermentor.
8. Write on the methods of isolation of molds and give an account on the important genera of molds.

Note: – Above sample paper has prepared by reviewing few universities sample papers of B.Sc Microbiology. We are not sure weather your university has similar or different question pattern. We suggest you to go thoroughly with the teachers note, syllabus and textbook for better preparation of your upcoming exam of  B.Sc Microbiology.