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Download DATA STRUCTURES & ALGORITHM Sample Guess Paper for B.Sc Computer ScienceItsMyAcademy.com

Download DATA STRUCTURES & ALGORITHM Sample Guess Paper for B.Sc Computer Science






Time: 3 Hours                                                                                                        Total Marks: 60

Notes: –

1.                  Attempt any FIVE questions

2.         Marks for each question are shown against it.


  1.  (a) What is Data structure? What are its types? Explain any two of them.

(b) Write an algorithm to sort ‘N’ numbers in ascending order using bubble sort. Explain the working of the algorithm with an example.

 2.  (a) Write a program to search an element in an array using Binary search.

(b) What is a circular list? What are the advantages of them? What are the operations you can perform on a circular list? Explain.

3.   (a) Explain Binary tree with an example. What are the operations one can perform on it? How is it different from BST?

(b) Write a program to implement a queue using an array.


4.  a) What is a linked list? What are the operations you can perform them. Explain with example.

b) What is a one dimensional & two dimensional array? Write a program to add the element of two arrays.

 5. (a) Write an algorithm for inserting elements into an array.

(b) Write an algorithm to implement a Queue data structure.

6.     (a) Define the following terms with respect to a queue

  1. front
  2. rear
  3. isempty( )
  4. isfull( )
  5. insert( )
  6. delete( )

(b) Explain each of these terms associated with graphs:

  1. Depth
  2. Degree
  3. nodes/edges
  4. cycles
  5. Hamilton cycle


7.         (a) Write a note on ADT.

(b) Explain each of these:

  1. doubly linked list
  2. recursion
  3. directed graph


8.         (a) Explain the following terms:

  1. tree
  2. node
  3. leaf
  4. sibling
  5. depth

(b) Write a program to input two matrices & print their product.                         


9.         (a) What are the different methods of sorting? Explain selection sorting with an example. 

(b) Write a note on uses of queues, linked lists & stacks.


It is better to copy these sample question paper in Microsoft Word and then you can save in your computer. The above guess/sample paper we have created for B.Sc Computer Science students who are preparing for their  DATA STRUCTURES & ALGORITHM which generally they have to study in 5th semester of third year. But depending upon the situation they the syllabus and semester of study may be a little different. But we hope this sample paper for B.Sc Computer Science of  DATA STRUCTURES & ALGORITHM is going to help you a little.


Note: – The above sample-guess paper prepared for B.Sc Computer Science – DATA STRUCTURES & ALGORITHM doesn’t ensure you that the same questions will come in you examination. A similar or a little bit same question can be expected. So it is better to prepare  thoroughly your syllabus from the text book.

Wish You all the best for the exam.