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Download Genetics Model Test Paper for B.Sc Biotechnology Year 1ItsMyAcademy.com

Download Genetics Model Test Paper for B.Sc Biotechnology Year 1




Time: 3 hours                                                                                      M.Marks:60

Attempt any 5 questions.

All questions carry equal marks.


  1. What is DNA replication & which enzymes are per farm DNA replication?
  2. What are the methods of control of gene expression?
  3. What is site directed mutagenesis.
  4. Explain the loc Operon model in E Coli?
  5. Write down the facts about transcription in eukaryotes?
  6. What do you mean by genetics? What is its significance?
  7. What is DNAse foot printing?
  8. What is filter bending? What is significance?
  9. What are the major molecular separation methods?


1. You can copy and save this GENETICS sample- guess – model test paper for B.Sc Biotechnology for further study or printing.

2. The above guess paper has been created for the B.Sc Biotechnology GENETICS students of  first year. Depending on university, the time of study of this credit may be different for your university college.

3. The question mentioned in above sample paper of B.Sc Biotechnology GENETICS  may come in your examination or some how similar to this questions can appear. We are just trying to help you a little in your preparation Genetics

4. To get better marks and knowledge we suggest you to go thoroughly the books and syllabus of the your examination.