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Download Sample Paper for Integrated MCA Exam of Operation ManagementItsMyAcademy.com

Download Sample Paper for Integrated MCA Exam of Operation Management

Sample Paper for Integrated MCA Exam of Operation Management




 Time: 3 Hours                                                                                                           Max. Marks: 60

 Note: 1-Attempt any five questions.

2-All questions carry equal marks.


  • Discuss operational problems in the area of production and Material Management.
  • Describe the factors which influence the location of plant.
  • Define quality control and explain quality control charts.
  • List and explain the principles of material handling equipments
  • Distinguish between Time study and Motion study.
  • List few guidelines for ethical behavior in Purchasing.
  • What the characteristic of production systems that are suitable for MRP.
  • Which is the Control limit theorem? What is its significance to quality control?
  • Write short notes on

(i)                 EOQ

(ii)               Preventive Maintenance.

Notes: –

You can save above sample paper for Integrated MCA operation Management for future use or for printing purpose.
Above sample paper is for operation Management of Integrated MCA first semester first year.
We have created this sample paper for MCA after reviewing few universities question paper. We are not sure that same or similar will be your MCA examination question pattern. We also do not ensure you that same or similar question paper will come in your MCA Examination of MCA operation Management.
For Better marks and result in your examination we always suggest you go thoroughly with the syllabus and notes of your teacher.

All the Best For your coming Examination of MCA