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Download Sample Paper for Integrated MCA Examination of Internet FundamentalsItsMyAcademy.com

Download Sample Paper for Integrated MCA Examination of Internet Fundamentals

Sample Paper for Integrated MCA Examination of Internet Fundamentals



  Time -3 Hours                                                                                  Max Marks: 60


  Note:  1. Attempt any FIVE questions.

            2. All questions carry equal marks

Q1. a) What do you mean by WWW?

       b) What is the purpose of web browser?

Q2. a) Which tag is used in order to put the image in your web page? Explain with example.

 b) Give brief introduction to the attributes related to image tag.

Q3. a) Explain tag with example for linking to other web pages.

b) Write a complete html web page with the title “HTML tutorial “and a heading at

The top which reads “easy way to learn HTML “and in the browser area display

Text in the bold letters “basics of HTML”.

Q4.  At the very least, which tags should be included in a basic HTML page? Brief

Explanation of each.

Q5. How does the WWW work? Do you need to be connected to the Internet   constantly

While you create HTML pages?

Q6. Name the tags for following; write the examples for using these tags

i)                    subscript

ii)                  superscript

iii)                strong text

iv)                font face

v)                  Ordered list

Notes: –

  • You can save above sample paper for Integrated MCA of Internet Fundamentals for future use or for printing purpose.
  • Above sample paper is for Internet Fundamentals of Integrated MCA first semester first year.
  • We have created this sample paper for MCA after reviewing few universities question paper. We are not sure that same or similar will be your MCA examination question pattern. We also do not ensure you that same or similar question paper will come in your MCA Examination Internet Fundamentals.
  • For Better marks and result in your examination we always suggest you go thoroughly with the syllabus and notes of your teacher.

All the Best For your coming Examination of MCA.