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EXE MBA International Business 1st year Sample Paper for International Human Resource ManagementItsMyAcademy.com

EXE MBA International Business 1st year Sample Paper for International Human Resource Management



Duration -3 Hours                                        Max Marks: 60

 Note:  1. Attempt any FIVE questions.

           2. All questions carry equal marks.

  1. What constitutes International Human Resource Management? How is it different for domestic HRM?
  2. What are the implications of various approaches for international HRM?
  3. What are different stages to global organization and internalization?
  4. How do the characteristics of matrix organization help in managing the international operation?
  5. Discuss the various strategies for expatriates?
  6. To what extent, sales performances a return on investment from particular international operation are justified?
  7. What are the objectives of training in international training and development?
  8. What are the components of international compensation? How is it different from domestic compensation?
  9. What are the MNC characteristics that are source of concern for labor unions?

Note: Above sample paper of EXE MBA International Business 1st year has been prepared after reviewing few universities sample papers. We are not sure whether same or similar question papers pattern does your university has or not. We are just trying to help you by providing the possibilities. We always suggest you to go thoroughly with textbooks, teacher’s notes and the syllabus for better preparation of your coming examination.

All the Best!!!