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EXE MBA Material Management 1st year Sample Paper for Contract ManagementItsMyAcademy.com

EXE MBA Material Management 1st year Sample Paper for Contract Management






Time: 3 hours                                                                                                  M.Marks:60

Note: – Attempt any 5 questions.

All questions carry equal marks.


  • 1.                 What are the various principles of contract management?
  • 2.                What is Implementation Methodologies? Explain.
  • 3.                Discuss the rules regarding presentment for acceptance of a negotiable instrument. State the circumstances under              which such presentment is excused.
  • 4.                Who is a holder in due course? What are his privileges under the Negotiable Instruments Act?
  • 5.                Discuss the rules relating to passing of property between buyer and seller.
  • 6.                What is contract? What is the difference between contract and agreement?
  • 7.                Who is an unpaid seller? What are the rights of an unpaid seller?
  • 8.                What is Maturity Model? Explain in detail
  • 9.                Explain Contract Management.

Note: Above sample paper of EXE MBA Material Management 1st year has been prepared after reviewing few universities sample papers. We are not sure whether same or similar question papers pattern does your university has or not. We are just trying to help you by providing the possibilities. We always suggest you to go thoroughly with textbooks, teacher’s notes and the syllabus for better preparation of your coming examination.

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