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Properties and examples of Ferromagnetic MaterialsItsMyAcademy.com

Properties and examples of Ferromagnetic Materials

Properties and examples of Ferromagnetic Materials

This is a wonder that there are a lot of various types of substances available on this earth and man has mastering all to use them in his own way…..

Today, let’s discuss about some magnetic materials which exhibits some strong magnetic effects. The permeability of these substances is not a constant but is a function of applied field and of previous magnetic history of the specimen.

These substances are termed as Ferromagnetic materials.

  • The magnetic effects of ferromagnetic materials are due to the motion of the electrons of the individual atoms and the net effect is to make an atom of a ferromagnetic substance act like a miniature bar magnet.

  • In such ferromagnetic substances like iron, cobalt, nickel these atomic magnet over a region of many atoms tend to orient themselves parallel to each other with north poles pointing one way.

  • In an iron crystal, there are as many as six directions of easy magnetization i.e there is six positive negative directions along each of three mutually perpendicular axes.

  • In these materials the dipoles interact strongly and all tend to line up parallel with the applied field so as to produce a large increase in flux density in the material.

Seeing the various properties of ferromagnetic materials we can find out these properties: