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Fundamental Forces in Nature - Gravitational Force, Electromagnetic Force, Nuclear ForcesItsMyAcademy.com

Fundamental Forces in Nature – Gravitational Force, Electromagnetic Force, Nuclear Forces

Fundamental forces in nature

Fundamental Forces

We know everyone that Physics is the study of nature and natural phenomena. It deals with certain basic laws which govern the natural world.  Let’s discuss now the nature of fundamental forces and the nature of laws that govern diverse phenomena of physical world.

Intuitively we know that force is an effort in the form of pus or pull, required to move a body or stop a moving body or deform / break the body or even to change the direction of the moving object. We realize the impact of force when somebody hits us.

In macroscopic world, we come across Gravitational Force, Muscular Force, Forces of Friction, and Forces due to springs, ropes, surface tension, forces due to pressure, force due to buoyancy viscous forces and even forces between charge bodies and magnetic bodies.

Physics has revealed that all the forces occurring in different contexts arise from a small number of fundamental forces in nature. Though the origin of derived forces is complex yet they can be understood in terms of the following four fundamental forces, which govern macroscopic as well as microscopic world.

  1. Gravitational Force

  2. Electromagnetic Force

In the microscopic world, in addition to the above two forces; two more bask forces are required to account for the various atomic and nuclear processes. These are

  1. Strong nuclear force

  2. Weak nuclear force.