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How Techonology Can Help in Education ?ItsMyAcademy.com

How Techonology Can Help in Education ?

Education s a necessity for all of us to live a good and respected life. And it has been always a challenge to decide what type of knowledge is necessary for the children to be learnt at school level. Why school level? It is because school s the place where a child has the tendency to shape his/her life according to the situations present around.

Improving education is a huge issue (and always has been).

Technology for technology’s sake is not a cure in the classroom. But technology can be a part of the solution for our schools, provided it is implemented correctly. Technology can be a great help when we need to change the system of study. Technology can really help students to put their interest in study while studying.

Today, many of the people who are graduating school are unable to read or write at a level adequate to hold a job or deal with life. It is a huge problem. It is not that subjects cannot be learned; what isn’t taught is how to learn. It is in their mindset to just clear the exam. They don’t understand that for getting success in life it is necessary to be good at basics.

Technology has dramatically changed the way we work. We can communicate with anyone, anywhere, with just the push of a button. We can exchange ideas and information instantaneously

I would argue that technology can do the same things for education that it has done for the workplace. We can use technology in schools. In fact, there are many schools in the world that are imparting education via new technology. Like, using computers and projecting images for the purpose of explaining particular subject can really help in better understanding of the subject.

Technology can be used to improve teaching and learning and help our students be successful. Students get bored by constantly studying books. Technology can break the monotony of their student’s life.

One of the core reasons our schools struggle is that the way they teach and test do not match the way students learn.

Study Technology is not speed reading or memory tricks. These have not been proven to raise one’s ability to comprehend what was studied or to raise literacy. This is to make students easily understand a subject.

Money is always an issue and technology can help. Virtual field trips, electronic forms instead of paper, email instead of printed memo’s, virtual labs, electronic textbooks, and the thousands of free online resources can all save schools money give students a very exciting and interactive platform to gain education in an exciting manner.

When Apple introduced its early personal computer, the device was not good enough to compete against the mainframes and minicomputers of the time, so Apple didn’t try to compete head–on: it sold the personal computer as a toy for children. Ultimately, the personal computer improved and disrupted the market for larger computers.

When Toyota entered the U.S. market, it didn’t start by attacking Ford and General Motors with the Lexus. Toyota introduced crummy Corona that was cheap enough to allow people who could not afford the Ford and GM vehicles to buy cars. Toyota gradually improved its products and has disrupted the Detroit automakers.

Instead of looking at data and thinking, “Is this going to be on the exam?” one would do much better to ask oneself, “How can I apply this material?” or “How can I really use this?” By doing this a person will get much more out of what he studies and will be able to put what he studies to actual use.