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How to Check Arithmetic Sequences Situations - ItsMyAcademy.comItsMyAcademy.com

How to Check Arithmetic Sequences Situations

Hi friend, in previous video we learnt the basic concept of Arithmetic Sequence or Arithmetic Progression.In this video now we are going to how to check whether the Progression or Sequence is a Arithmetic type or not.

So I hope now you are ready with you pen and notebook.

Lets start !

I hope you now understand how to check the Arithmetic Progression.

Arithmetic Check

If common difference is constant through out the progression then its a Arithmetic progression other wise not. i.e.
Difference of 1st and 2nd term = Difference of 2nd and 3rd term = Difference of 3rd  &4th term = …so on

or, A2- A1 = A3 – A2 = A4 – A3 = so on..
then we can the sequence or progression is Arithmetic Progression.

Try These Checking Arithmetic Sequence(progression) Problems :
1. Number of students left in the school auditorium from the total strength of 1000 students when they leave the auditorium in batches of 25. (Ans- Yes, Its an A.P.)

2. The amount of money in the account every year when $1000 are deposited annually to accumulate at compound interest at 4 % per annum. (Ans- No, its not an A.P.)

3. The amount of money in the account when $5000 are deposited in first year at Simple interest of 8 % per annum. (Yes, its an A.P.)