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How to find the trigonometric ratios based on reference angleItsMyAcademy.com

How to find the trigonometric ratios based on reference angle

In this video we will learn to find the trigonometric ratios based on reference angle.

There is a simple process Keep it in Mind – Now lets see this video

Did you take you notebook and pen ? Good !

Yeah ! how was it ?  that’s all !

What did we learn?

1.  First draw the right angled triangle.

2. Locate the angles & sides as Perpendicular, Hypotenuse & Base.

3. Use Pythagoras Theorem to find out the missing one it may be perpendicular, base or may be hypotenuse.

4. Take the reference angle and find out the trigonometric ratios one by one !


That’s all simple ! Right ?

Here are some few problems listed please try to solve these problems !

After completion of these all problems now lets watch another video !

5.            Solving Trigonometric Expression From Given Relation

6.            Solving Trigonometric Expression Using Pythagoras Theorem

7.            Trigonometric Ratios Verifying Problems

8.           Trigonometric Ratios of 45 Degree

9.           Trigonometric Ratios of 30 Degree

10.          Trigonometric Ratios of 60 Degree

11.        Trigonometric Ratios of 0 Degree

12.        Trigonometric Ratios of 90 Degree

13.        Trigonometry Tables – How to Remember and Write Them If You Know One !

14.         Trigonometric Ratios – Solving Trigonometric Expression Using Trigonometry Table -Model 1

15.        Trigonometric Ratios – Solving Problems Using Trigonometry Table – Model 2

16.      Trigonometric Ratios- Solving Trigonometric Expression -Angle Related Problems- Model 3

17.       Trigonometric Ratios -Finding the Value of Angle – Angle Related Problems – Model 4

18.        Trigonometric Ratios -Finding the Value of Angle from Given Relation-Model 5

19.       Trigonometric Ratios- Finding the Angle & Value of Trigonometric Expression-Model 6

20.       Trigonometric Ratios – Finding the Value of Angle By Dividing Numerator & Denominator –   Model 7