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How to Solve Common Nth Term Problems in Arithmetic Progression - ItsMyAcademy.comItsMyAcademy.com

How to Solve Common Nth Term Problems in Arithmetic Progression

Common Nth Term Problems – Arithmetic Sequences( Arithmetic Progressions)

In previous lesson we learned about finding any term from the last term of an Arithmetic progression. Now in this video we are going to learn the problems based on the common nth term of an Arithmetic Progression.

In this problems there are two different Arithmetic Progressions whose common nth term we need to find .

I hope you are sitting with the pen and notebook.

So let’s start our lesson !

So how was it dear?

Well in both Arithmetic Progression  we were given the first term and we can easily find the common difference.

Since both the Arithmetic progression have same nth term so we will equate both of these like

Nth term of first Arithmetic progression = nth term of second Arithmetic progression.

We get here a relationship . By solving these relationship we will get the value of n that actually we need.

Here n indicated the term number.

Here I have listed a few problems based on above question . Try these problems, It will really help you.

If you feel any problem in the following exercises then please comment or mail me.

Q1.  If five time the fifth term f an Arithmetic progression is equal to 8 times its eighth term, show that its 13th term is zero.

Q.2 If the Pth term of an arithmetic progression is q and qth term is P, prove that its nth term is (p+q-n).

Q3. If m times the mth term of an Arithmetic progression is equal to n times its nth term, show that the (m+n)th term of the Arithmetic Progression is zero.