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How to Solve Trigonometric Verifying ProblemsItsMyAcademy.com

How to Solve Trigonometric Verifying Problems

In previous video we learned solving the trigonometric expressions based on trigonometric ratios.

Now in this video we will learn a little bit different problem.  Here we have to verify the Left Hand Side Trigonometric expression with Right Hand Side Trigonometric expression.

So, Are you ready for the next trigonometric ratios lesson? Make your pen and notebook ready !

First – Command you mind – “Its really Simple ! I can do it easily!”

Let’s learn together !

Yeah! how was it friend ?

What did we learn?

1. See the relation given to us then determine the 2 things given – may be perpendicular, base or hypotenuse.

2. Make a right angled triangle and then locate the Perpendicular, Base & Hypotenuse !

3. Use Pythagoras Theorem to find out the missing side – may be Hypotenuse, Base or Perpendicular !

4.  Write the trigonometric ratios that has been used in trigonometric expression.

5. Solve Left Hand Side expression correctly.

6. Solve Right Hand Side Expression correctly.

7. Now Equate  LHS = RHS. Verified !

That’s all !

Here are some good problem to make you perfect in this kinds of problems so please try these all. And if you feel any problem then please comment. I will try to solve.

8.           Trigonometric Ratios of 45 Degree

9.           Trigonometric Ratios of 30 Degree

10.          Trigonometric Ratios of 60 Degree

11.        Trigonometric Ratios of 0 Degree

12.        Trigonometric Ratios of 90 Degree


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