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In Which Season You Born My Friend? Let Me Predict Your Nature? - ItsMyAcademy.comItsMyAcademy.com

In Which Season You Born My Friend? Let Me Predict Your Nature?

Many people do not believe but now scientists are also saying that the season in which you got birth really affects the body clock, moods etc…

A new research has claimed that the month one is born can affect one’s health and personality.  They  said, if the baby gets born in the summer months he/her  will be the happiest while a winter birthday may cast a permanent shadow over his/her happiness.

As scientist says, this is because the season of birth dramatically affects the way the speed at which the body clock ticks.

Scientists are taking like that as per their experiment conducted on mice. They have been exposed to varying amounts of light in the first months of life. And some were given summer conditions of 16 hours light and eight hours of darkness per day. Others had only eight hours of daily light, to mimic the short days of winter.

When they were weaned, the mice were kept in the same light cycle for several weeks or switched to the opposite one.

At last, the animals were plunged into darkness and watched to observe how they would react.

Those rodents reared in summer conditions kept to a daily routine, but those brought up in little light struggled to cope with the change, according to the findings published in the ‘Nature Neuroscience’ journal.

Lead scientist Professor Douglas McMahon said: “The mice raised in the winter cycle show an exaggerated response to a change in season that is strikingly similar to that of human patients suffering from seasonal affective disorder.”

Despite this, the finding raises the intriguing possibility that the amount of light to which the human brain is exposed in the first weeks or months of life affects mood.

Prof McMahon said: “Our biological clocks measure the day length and change our behaviour according to the seasons.

Several studies show that people born in the winter months have an elevated risk of mood disorder as seasonal depression, bipolar depression and schizophrenia, all of which are associated with disruption of normal circadian rhythms.

“Whether seasonal birth could impact personality and mood is speculative, but not too far-fetched. Even though this sounds bit like astrology, it is not, its seasonal biology.”

So! Friend how you are planning to give birth to your baby?