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Integrated MBA Sample Paper for Research Methodology 4th SemesterItsMyAcademy.com

Integrated MBA Sample Paper for Research Methodology 4th Semester




Duration -3 Hours                                                                                      Max Marks: 60

Note:  1. Attempt any FIVE questions.

           2. All questions carry equal marks.

  1. Define sampling and different methods of sampling?
  2. Define hypothesis. What are the types of hypothesis? Distinguish between type1Error and types II error?
  3. What are the items in a research report and the types of reports?
  4. Define chi square distribution, student’s t distribution, F distribution?
  5. What is Secondary data? What is the internal and external source of secondary data?
  6. What are the types of report? Explain them in brief?
  7. Define ANOVA and explain the following with an example: (a) factor (b) treatment and (c) replication.
  8. Write the meaning and significance of research design?
  9. The arrival rate of the vehicles arriving at a toll gate follow Poisson distribution with a mean arrival rate of 50 vehicles per hour. Find the probability that

a)      No vehicles will arrive in one hour.

b)      Exactly 40 vehicles will arrive in one hour; and  at most 5 vehicles will arrive in 1 hr


  • You can save above MBA Sample Papers for 4th Semester for future use.
  • We have prepared above sample paper for MBA Research Methodology 4th Semester students after reviewing few universities sample papers.
  • We do not ensure you that same question will come in your exam we are just trying to figure out the possibilities.
  • We encourage you to learn your syllabus, books and teachers concepts thoroughly for better marks in the MBA Exam.

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