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Introduction to Basic ElectronicsItsMyAcademy.com

Introduction to Basic Electronics

Hello friends…let’s talk today about basic electronics. Electronics is a laboratory subject, which is learnt by doing.

Introduction to Basic Electronics

We are living in an age of information technology. Electronics is at the very of foundation the Information and Computer Age.

The giant strides that we have made in the areas of Communications and Computers are possible only because of the great successes that we have achieved in the field of Electronics.

It is sometimes unbelievable, how many electronics gadgets that we carry these days like Digital Wrist watch, Calculator, Cell phones, iphone, ipad, Digital Diary or PDA or Digital Camera or Video camera etc..

The different types of Electronics equipment that has invaded our offices and homes these days are also mid boggling.

Many things we use at home or offices are “remote controlled” for example. Television(TV), Air Conditioners, Audio equipment, Telephone, children remote controlled cars, helicopters or any toys, etc.

It is almost close to “magic” how even a child, now-a-days , can switch channels, or increase decrease the volume of sound in a TV at home by just clicking on a few buttons sitting at comfort of a sofa away from the television apparently without any physical wiring or connection.

Again we are astonished, how we are able to talk to our near and dear living several thousand miles away from wherever we are, at home, at school or college or university, or office, on the road in a car, or in a market- by just clicking a few numbers on our palm sized cellular phone!

Electronics has made deep impact in several vital areas such as health care, medical diagnosis and treatment, Air and space travels, automobiles etc.

To write in very short, the technological developments of several countries of the globe are directly related to their strength in electronics design, manufacture, products and services.

It appears as though we have to add inevitably an “E” to the three “ R”s , namely, Reading, wRiting, and aRithmatic, to declare a man or woman to be “literate: !

Needless to add that the “E” here means “Electronics”

So now in the modern age to be literate, with the knowledge of reading, writing and we should have the knowledge of “Electronics” too.

So there is no doubt to say that Electronics has been now the “Basic Science” It is no more an “applied science”

From this above discussion we came to a final decision that how to learn the basic concepts of such an important subject like Electronics most effectively?

The article on introduction to basic electronics part1 is becoming too much lengthy so we will discuss how to learn the electronics very efficiently in next article.