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Introduction to Trigonometry-Basic Concepts 1ItsMyAcademy.com

Introduction to Trigonometry-Basic Concepts 1

Hi, here we will see a introductory video of Trigonometry. We will know in this video what exactly

we do in trigonometry. What we study? And a fundamental concepts of trigonometry. There are

some tricks to remember the basic trigonometric formulas in simple words. Please watch the video

curiously and try to solve the problem written below ! If you feel any problem make comment I will reply?

So did u take pen and paper? Its better if u make a notebook…


So friend did you understand the concept friend?

Please do following exercises and watch next video –    Trigonometry Basic Concepts 2

2.             Trigonometry Basic Concepts 2

3.            Trigonometry -Finding Trigonometric Ratios Based on Reference Angle

4.            Trigonometry – Finding  5 other Ratios If Given One !

5.            Solving Trigonometric Expression From Given Relation

6.            Solving Trigonometric Expression Using Pythagoras Theorem

7.            Trigonometric Ratios Verifying Problems

8.           Trigonometric Ratios of 45 Degree

9.           Trigonometric Ratios of 30 Degree

10.          Trigonometric Ratios of 60 Degree

11.        Trigonometric Ratios of 0 Degree

12.        Trigonometric Ratios of 90 Degree

13.        Trigonometry Tables – How to Remember and Write Them If You Know One !

14.         Trigonometric Ratios – Solving Trigonometric Expression Using Trigonometry Table -Model 1

15.        Trigonometric Ratios – Solving Problems Using Trigonometry Table – Model 2

16.      Trigonometric Ratios- Solving Trigonometric Expression -Angle Related Problems- Model 3

17.       Trigonometric Ratios -Finding the Value of Angle – Angle Related Problems – Model 4