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Jorge Luis Borges 112th Birthday Google DoodleItsMyAcademy.com

Jorge Luis Borges 112th Birthday Google Doodle

Hello Everyone ! Once again Google is giving tribute to another legend of literature Jorge Luis Borges (August 24, 1899 – June 14, 1986). His real name is Jorge Francisco Isidoro Luis Borges Acevedo.   Mr. Borges is a famous writer, poet , essayist and translator. The literature has been famous internationally when he published Prix Formentor . The great Borges won Jerusalem Prize for his work too. I think people know Jorge Luis Borges more by his two world famous short stories book Ficciones (1944) and The Aleph (1949). Though he didn’t received Nobel Prize in Literature, but he is an awesome Literature.

See his great today Google Doodle prepared by google to give him a tribute. This is really awesome. First you see then let’s share our views.

The Jorge Luis Borges Google Doodle is really one of the best Castle , i think the first Castle presented in Google doodle.  In this Jorge Luis Borges Google Doodle, you will find a big bungalow or you can say a big castle where Jorge Luis Borges is trying to enter into it. The

Jorge Luis Borges Google Doodle Bungalow is prepared and decorated very nicely. There are lots of ladder in google doodle. From all sides there are houses and at the middle you will get some free space. The Jorge Luis Borges Google Doodle had got such a space that you can get some roughly idea if Google written there.

Do You know Jorge Luis Borges us to give good and heat touching quotes too. You might like some of these quotations .

“I have always imagined that Paradisewill be a kind of library.”
— Jorge Luis Borges

“Let others pride themselves about how many pages they have written; I’d rather boast about the ones I’ve read.”
— Jorge Luis Borges

“I cannot sleep unless I am surrounded by books.”
— Jorge Luis Borges

“Being with you and not being with you is the only way I have to measure time.”
— Jorge Luis Borges

“To fall in love is to create a religion that has a fallible god.”
— Jorge Luis Borges

“Reality is not always probable, or likely.”
— Jorge Luis Borges

“Life itself is a quotation.”
— Jorge Luis Borges

Some of the World Famous Stories & Essays written by George Luis Borges are:

  • ·  The Library of Babel

  • ·  The Zahir

  • ·  Circular Ruins

  • ·  Borges and I

  • ·  The Mirrors of Enigma

Some of the World Famous Poems by George Luis Borges:


  • ·  Susana Soca

  • ·  The History of Night

  • ·  The Art of Poetry

  • ·  Remorse for any Death

  • ·  That One

  • ·  Instants

  • ·  Elegy

There are many compare and contrast Essays on George Luis Borges. But few of them I have tried to list out here :

   1.  Isabel Allende

     2.  Gabriel Garcia Marque

     3.  Isabel Allende 

I might be wrong while guessing how Jorge Luis Borges Google Doodle looks and what it means. So dear friends I will be happy if you share your feelings and how mean it. Other blog readers may like you opinions. Lets share our views on this Google doodle, how you feel what you have seen here.