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M.Sc Library Science Sample Paper for Application of Information TechnologyItsMyAcademy.com

M.Sc Library Science Sample Paper for Application of Information Technology



Duration -3 Hrs                                                           Max Marks: 60

Note:  1. Attempt any five questions.

     2. All question carry equal marks.

1.   List down any two services of Internet-:
a. What do you mean by internet standards?.
b.What is the purpose of searchable data
c.Write down any two FTP commands.
d.Define the term: WWW.
e.What is IP address?
f.What is meant by Domain Name? Example.
g.Define the term: URL… What is SPAM? What is the function of TCP/IP?
h.What is the purpose of ISP? What is the function of modern? What is MIME?

i.Give example. What is PPP?
j.What is the significance of gateway in internet?
k.What do you mean by direct internet link?
l.What is meant by duplex data transmission?
m.What is mailing list?
n.Write down the benefits of information provider.
o.List down any two management issues of information provider.

 2.                    (a) Explain the various services provided by the internet in detail.

 3.                    Explain about Gopher Servers.

 4.                    Discuss about IP addresses and DNS.

 5.                    Explain in detail about the resources required to use internet service provider.
6.                    What is TCPIIP? Explain how to configure your machine for TCP/IP account.
7.                     Discuss about direct and dialup link. Explain the various troubles shooting of                                 dialup connection. Service.
8.                     Discuss about the various issues of mail? Explain how to configure mail
9.                     What are the benefits of Information Provider? Explain how it helps to reduce
expenditure. ? Discuss about the various management issues of information

Note: – The above sample paper for M.Sc Library Science has been prepared after reviewing few universities question papers. We are just trying to help you by providing the possibilities in you coming examination. We hope similar type of question will appear in your examination. All the best