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M. Sc Physics Sample Paper for Solid State Physics First Year- Read & DownloadItsMyAcademy.com

M. Sc Physics Sample Paper for Solid State Physics First Year- Read & Download



Time: 3 hours                                              M.Marks:60
Note: – Attempt any 5 questions.
All questions carry equal marks.
1.                  Define solid state physics. What is the need of solid state physics? Discuss its application.
2.                  Explain the Kroning-Penney Model?
3.                  Explain Bragg’s law and Laue method?
4.                  Explain the Reciprocal lattice of simple cubic, bcc, fcc lattices?
5.                  Explain the Classical free electron theory and its Drawbacks.
6.                  Explain the Superconductor Tunneling?
7.                  Describe Fermi-Dirac Statistics and Distribution of Electrons in Solids?
8.                  Explain the Classification of Solids on the Basis of Band Theory?
9.                  Describe dc Josephson Effect and ac Josephson Effect

  1. You can save above sample paper of M. Sc Physics – Solid State for future use.
  2. The above sample question paper is for M. Sc Physics – Solid State 1stYear students which we have prepared after reviewing few universities questions papers.
  3. The above sample paper does not ensure that you will get the same or similar question paper in the exam of M. Sc Physics – Solid State; this is just a paper of possible question.
  4. It is better to prepare completely your syllabus, book and notes provided by teacher.

Good Luck for Your coming exam of M. Sc Physics – Solid State