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MA Economics Sample Paper for Developmental Economics First (1st) YearItsMyAcademy.com

MA Economics Sample Paper for Developmental Economics First (1st) Year



Duration -3 Hours                                    Max Marks: 60

Note:  1. Attempt any FIVE questions.
 2. All questions carry equal marks.

Q1.      What do you mean by “Agricultural marketing”? Explain functions and structure of          agricultural marketing. What are government measures to improve the system of           marketing?

Q2.      What are the major factors influencing location of industries? What is government policy for industrialization to develop backward areas?

Q3.      Write a note on performance and problems of Public Sector Enterprises in India.

Q4.      What is industrial productivity? What are the causes of low productivity in India?

Q5.      Describe Alfred Weber’s Pure Theory and Sargant Florence’s Inductive Analysis

Q6.      What are the govt. measures to control monopoly? Give a brief review of MRTP Act 1969.

Q7.      Industrialization and economic development are interrelated. Comment.

Q8.      What is Factor-Factor, Factor-product, Product-Product relationship?

Q9       Write note on following:

a.)    Cooperative Marketing

b.)    Industrial Sickness

c.)    Defects in agricultural marketing

d.)   Patterns of Industrialization


  • You can save above sample paper of MA Economics-Developmental Economics for future use.
  • The above sample question paper is for MA Economics-Developmental Economics 1stYear students which we have prepared after reviewing few universities questions papers.
  • The above sample paper does not ensure that you will get the same or similar question paper in the exam MA Economics-Developmental Economics; this is just a paper of possible question.
  • It is better to prepare completely your syllabus, book and notes provided by teacher.

Good Luck for Your coming exam of MA Economics-Developmental Economics.