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MBA Sample Paper for Fashion Merchandising 3rd Semester Fashion MarketingItsMyAcademy.com

MBA Sample Paper for Fashion Merchandising 3rd Semester Fashion Marketing



                                                            FASHION MARKETING


Time: 3 Hrs.                                Total Marks: 60


  • 1.                  Attempt any five questions.
  • 2.                  All questions carry equal marks

1.    (a) What social cultural factors effect fashion movement

(b)   Explain the six steps to buying/selling.

2.     (a) Discuss the various stages of Fashion Cycle.

(b) Write short notes on Niche market or Fashion Leaders

3.      (a) How can market be segmented at different levels?

(b)   Discuss product attributes

4.     “Customers go through five stages in the process of adopting a new product”, Discuss

5.       Prepare a questionnaire to study the demand and trends in fashion accessories for professional men of metros.

6.       Prepare a questionnaire to do a comparative study to compare the price levels of Janpath &  Sarojini Nagar.

7.       How do demographics & psycho graphics effect fashion movement?

8.       Discuss various micro factors involved in fashion industry.

9.       Explain the determining the use of promotional tools


  • You can save above MBA Sample Paper of Fashion Merchandising for future use.
  • We have prepared above MBA sample paper for Fashion Merchandising 3rd Semester students preparing Fashion Marketing after reviewing few universities sample papers.
  • We do not ensure you that same question will come in your exam we are just trying to figure out the possibilities.
  • We encourage you to learn your syllabus, books and teachers concepts thoroughly for better marks in the MBA Exam.

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