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MBA Sample Paper for OPM- Material Management 3rd SemesterItsMyAcademy.com

MBA Sample Paper for OPM- Material Management 3rd Semester



Duration -3 Hours                              Max Marks: 60

Note:  1. Attempt any FIVE questions.

           2. All questions carry equal marks.


  • 1.                  What is material management? What do you mean by quality assurance standards of material management?
  • 2.                  What is pricing strategy? What are the various types of pricing strategies?
  • 3.                  Write a detailed note on radio frequency identification (rfid) technology
  • 4.                  What is Economic Order Quantity? How it can be determined? Explain with the help of suitable example.
  • 5.                  Write short note on:
    1. Activity-Based Costing
    2. Acceptance sampling plans
  • 6.                  Write a detailed note on Import / Export documentation procedure in India.
  • 7.                  What is e-procurement? What are the components of e-procurement? Discuss them briefly.
  • 8.                  What is Enterprise Resource Planning? What is the importance of a well developed ERP system in an organization?
  • 9.                  What is organizational structure? What are the various types of organizational structure?

Note: Above MBA Sample paper for Material Management has been prepared after reviewing few universities question papers. We hope this sample paper for MBA Material Management will definitely help you to prepare for your next coming examination of MBA. We are not sure that same question will come in your exam but we want to suggest go thoroughly with your books, notes and professors notes..and take this sample paper as a  help note…All the best for upcoming MBA exam.