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MBA Sample Paper for Telecommunication Management 4th SemesterItsMyAcademy.com

MBA Sample Paper for Telecommunication Management 4th Semester




Duration -3 Hours                                  Max Marks: 60

Note:  1. Attempt any FIVE questions.

2. All questions carry equal marks.

  1. Compare and contrast the dimensions of Quality in Manufacturing and service Industries.
  2. What are the Rob Lebow 8 principles of shared values? Explain.
  3. Describe 14 points of Deming’s Philosophy
  4. “Seven Habits of highly effective people work as a foundation for much needed quality change”. Explain this statement giving Indian examples
  5. Suggest some strategic measures. for Indian Company attain World Class Excellence?
  6. Describe the importance of Customer in business. Explain how you will proceed to satisfy and delight customers
  7. What are the activities that lead to Quality Assurance? Explain
  8. Explain the philosophy of Juran’s Trilogy with the help of a diagram
  9. Describe the concept of Quality Circles.

 Note: Above MBA Sample paper for Telecommunication Management has been prepared after reviewing few universities question papers. We hope this sample paper for MBA telecommunication management will definitely help you to prepare for your next coming examination of MBA. We are not sure that same question will come in your exam but we want to suggest go thoroughly with your books, notes and professors notes..and take this sample paper as a  help note…All the best for upcoming MBA exam.