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MCA Sample Paper 5th Semester Multimedia Systems





Duration -3 Hrs                                              Max Marks: 60


Note:  1. Attempt any five questions.

     2. All question carry equal marks.

  1. Explain Two Software and two Hardware devices specifically related to multimedia.
  1. Explain at least 3 formats of Images. How can we reduce the size of image and why do we need the same?
  2. Explain process menu? How to apply the process menu?
  1. Explain the term “Multimedia”. Describe the foundation of multimedia along with its components and applications.
  1. Explain sound in multimedia. Describe the process of digitization of audio signals with diagram. Explain applications of speech synthesis.
  1. Describe “Nyquist’s Sampling Theorem”. Calculate the file size in MB for one minute recording in which maximum frequency is 20 KHz. Its loudness is recorded by 16 bits and having stereo sound effects.
  2. Explain (any two)
    1. Multimedia development process.
    2. Authoring tools.
    3. Macromedia Director
  1. The software we use to work on images (dodging, burning, color correction etc) and to prepare files for printing is Adobe Photoshop. Explain.
  1. What is the importance of video in multimedia? Explain analog and digital video systems and video on demand.
  2. Notes:

  3. You can save above sample paper of MCA for future use.
  4. Above MCA Sample Paper of “Multimedia” has been prepared for MCA 5th semester students after reviewing few universities question papers.
  5. We do not ensure you that the same or similar question will come in your examination; we are just working on possibilities.
  6. We always requests you along with this sample paper please go completely with your MCA syllabus, teacher’s note, books for better result.