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MCA Sample Paper of 1st Semester Inside the PCItsMyAcademy.com

MCA Sample Paper of 1st Semester Inside the PC




Duration -3 Hours                        Max Marks: 60

Note:  1. Attempt any FIVE questions.

           2. All questions carry equal marks.


  • I.              If you are asked to install a computer what are the various power connectors you will use. Describe the various power connectors.
  • II.           What are Adapter cards .How do you Identify Adapter cards on your PC. Describe the common Adapter cards.
  • III.          What are Peripheral ports? Describe the various ports on your system.
  • IV.           Explain, What is Electro photographic (EP) Print Process?
  • V.             Distinguish between the popular CPU chips in terms of their basic characteristics
  • VI.            Discuss various types of preventive maintenance measures.
  • VII.          Explain common printer problems and techniques used to resolve them.
  • VIII.         What is a BIOS chip? What information does it store? How do you find out the BIOS id of your system?
  • IX.            What is polling and interrupts. If you are working on Windows 2000 how you do find the various IRQ assignments. List the various IRQ assignments.


    • You can save above sample paper of MCA for future use.
    • Above MCA Sample Paper of “Inside the PC” has been prepared for MCA 1st semester students after reviewing few universities question papers.
    • We do not ensure you that the same or similar question will come in your examination; we are just working on possibilities.
    • We always requests you along with this sample paper please go completely with your MCA syllabus, teacher’s note, books for better result.