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Old Questions for B.A./B.Sc journalism & Mass Communication for 2nd Sem. 1st yearItsMyAcademy.com

Old Questions for B.A./B.Sc journalism & Mass Communication for 2nd Sem. 1st year

Bachelor of Arts commonly known as BA, similarly Bachelor of Science commonly known as B.Sc both are   3 year courses conducted by various universities. BA & B.Sc courses is done after the completion of the school. For B.Sc course science stream students are eligible but for B.A any stream students can apply. In master’s level BA turns into MA (Master of Business Administration)  & B.Sc turns into M.Sc.

Following Old question paper for BA/B.Sc  2nd semester is an example of model question paper for Indian Government & Politics. This model question paper is of 60 marks. There are 8 questions being asking but you have to attempt any 5 of them and each of the questions in this B.A / B.Sc question paper carries 12 marks. The maximum time allowed to finish this B.Sc model question paper is 3 hours.



Time -3 Hours                                                                                                                Max Marks: 60

Note: – Attempt any five questions.

            All questions carry equal marks.

  1. Discuss the Composition and Functions of the Indian Parliament.
  2. Discuss the functions and Powers of the Prime Minister of India.
  3. Explain the nature of the powers of LT. Governor.
  4. Explain the position and powers of Speaker of Lok Sabha.
  5. Explain in detail the problems of Indian Democracy.
  6. Explain the meaning of Fundamental Rights and discuss the provisions for the safeguard of Fundamental Rights given in Indian Constitution.
  7. Criticize News papers, Radio and Television as a means of public opinion.
  8. Write short notes on:-
    (1) Electoral Reforms.
    (2) Rajya Sabha


  • You can save above sample paper of B.A/B.Sc question paper of Indian Government & Politics  2nd Semester by selecting the questions and pasting it into a new Microsoft Word Document.
  • Above B.A/ B.Sc question paper of International Indian Government & Politics 2nd Semester, we have created after reviewing few universities old question papers. We are not sure whether your university has same or similar question pattern. If you would like, you can give us feedback about it, we will be happier.
  • We are just trying to provide you few possible questions for you examination of Indian Government & Politics- B.Sc/ B.A 2nd sem / 1st year .
  • Wish you a very good luck for you upcoming examination  B.A./B.Sc Journalism & Mass Communication.