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Probability Problems Solving -When a Coin is Tossed 1000 TimesItsMyAcademy.com

Probability Problems Solving -When a Coin is Tossed 1000 Times

In previous videos lesson of probability we learned the basic idea of probability in our daily life as well as probability from mathematical approach too.

Now in this video lesson of probability we are going to solve a problem related to probability. Its is the first and one of the simplest example of probability chapter. Try to understand the concept how we use to solve the problems of probability.

I hope you are sitting with pen and new notebook of probability.

So let’s start the 3rd lesson of probability.


Well how was it my friend?

In this problem we need to find the probability of two events. Question was telling that when we toss a single coin 1000 times we got 455 times heads and 545 times tail. So how to calculate the probability?

Steps to calculate Probability

1.            Write the formula of probability by changing a little like this

Probability of Head P (head) =  number of trials in which head came / total number of trials

2.            As given in the question put the value in both numerator and denominator you will get the probability for head event.

3.            Again for second one , change the formula probability slightly like this –

Probability of Tail P (Tail) =  number of trials in which Tail came / Total number of trials.

In Next Video lesson of Probability we will toss the two coins together.