Probability is one of the interesting Chapter in Mathematics. In every day life we come across statements such as –

1. It will probably rain today.

2. I doubt that he Michael will pass the test.

3. Chances are high that the prices of diesel will go up.

These all sentences shows the uncertainty..that uncertainty is exactly the probability. And we are going to learn the mathematics of this uncertainty that probability.

Level 1 of Probability

1.Basic Concepts of probability in Mathematics 1

2. Basic Concepts of probability in Mathematics 2

3.Probability Problems 1 – When a Coin is Tossed 1000 Times

4.Probability Problems Solving -When Two Coins are Tossed 500 Times

5.Probability Problems 3 -Throwing a Die

6.How to Solve Probability Problems  – Weather Forecasting

7.Probability Problems 5 – Operation of Probability on a Tyre Manufacturing Company

8.How to Solve Probability Problems-Probability of Germination of Seeds

9.Probability Problems-Sixes of Cricket on Probability Problems

10.How to Solve the probability Problems 6 – Flour Problem

Level 2

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