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Sample Paper for B.Sc Hotel Management 3rd Year In Food and Beverage ManagementItsMyAcademy.com

Sample Paper for B.Sc Hotel Management 3rd Year In Food and Beverage Management

B.Sc Hotel Management is a 3 year course conducted by various universities. B.Sc Hotel Management course is done after the completion of the basic schooling. Following Old question paper for B.Sc Hotel Management 3rd year is an example of model question paper. This model question paper of B.Sc Hotel Management is of 60 marks. There are 8 questions being asking but you have to attempt any 5 of them and each of the questions in this B.Sc Hotel Management question paper carries 12 marks. The maximum time allowed to finish this B.Sc Hotel Management model question paper is 3 hours.




Time -3 Hours                                                                                             Max Marks: 60

Note: – Attempt any five questions.

            All questions carry equal marks.


1.      What are the different styles of service explain?

2.      Give the cover and accompaniments of any two of the following:

(a) Cheese       (b) Dessert       (c) Caviar

3.      Give the recipe of any two of the following details:

(a) Bloody Mary         (b) Pink Lady (c) Screw Driver.

4.      With the help of a chart explain the manufacture of Beer?

5.      Write down the eleven courses of menu in French and English with two examples

of each? Explain potage in detail?

6.      What are the various catering establishments? Explain?

7.      What is the significance of a still room in food and beverage?

Operations? Explain.

8.      Answer the following questions in one line   

(a) Discotheque                       (b) Bloom        (c) Chef de tage

(d) American Service             (e) Sorbet        (f) Corkage

(g) Cafe Complete                     (h) Vermouth (i) Aperitifs

(j) Liqueur

Note: Above Sample Paper for B.Sc Hotel Management has been prepared by reviewing few universities sample papers. We are not sure whether your university has same or similar question pattern. We always suggest you to go thoroughly with text books, professor’s note & syllabus. Wish you a very good luck for your upcoming examination of B.Sc Hotel Management 3rd Year.