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Sample Paper for CPT (Certificate in Primary Teaching) - CPT Model Question PaperItsMyAcademy.com

Sample Paper for CPT (Certificate in Primary Teaching) – CPT Model Question Paper

Certificate in Primary Teaching commonly in short know as CPT is 6 months course  is a licensing course to teach with government authority till Primary Level.  To apply for this CPT course your eligibility should be -Matric/HSC/+2 working teacher woth 2 years teaching experience.  There is no age bar for this course but yes during the study time , you must have to finish this Certificate in Primary Teaching (CPT), you must have to finish this course within 1.6 years.

The following sample question paper for Certificate in  Primary Teaching (CPT) is an example or model question paper you have to face while giving examination of CPT. Hope this sample paper for CPT will help you in preparation of your upcoming examination.


Term-End Examination


Time : 3 hours Maximum Weightage : 70%

Note : (i) All the questions are compulsory.

(ii) All questions carry equal weightage.

1. Answer the following question in about 600 words.

When children enter a school, they bring along with them a language also. In view of this, what role can you visualise for a language teacher of primary classes?


What basic considerations led to the formulation of Minimum Levels of Learning (MLLs) ? In what different ways MLLs can help a language teacher in an effective teaching – learning process ?


2. Answer the following question in about 600 words.

Why listening skill is considered very important for effective communication? Explain. Also suggest three teaching strategies to enhance the listening skill of a learner of class II.


There can be certain words in sentences which because of their definite meanings suggest how

the sentences should be said or read aloud. Write two such pairs of sentences where one word in them tells how and why that sentence should be said or read aloud ?


3. Answer any four of the following in 150 words each :

(a) Discuss the relative importance of the First Language (L1 ), Second Language (L2) and the Third Language (L3) for a student in an Indian school.

(b) Differentiate between the objectives of teaching intensive and extensive reading.

(c) Explain with suitable examples the importance of co-curricular activities in curriculum transaction in language.

(d) Describe two audio and two visual aids that can be used for teaching language at the primary stage.

(e) Suggest and illustrate four ways to increase learners participation in your class.

(f) Describe the procedure that you, as a teacher would follow to train your students to diagnose and correct their own mistakes in learning language.


4. Answer the following in about 600 words.

Explain the concept of continuous and comprehensive evaluation. What areas of learner’s growth do we evaluate when we talk about continuous and comprehensive evaluation in language learning ? Explain in detail.