Sample Paper for Diploma in Electrical Engineering 3rd year of Microprocessors

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Time: 3 Hours                                                           Max Marks:-60

 Answer any five questions                                 

       All questions carry equal marks          

  • 1.            Write an ALP to multiply two 8-bit numbers.
  • 2.             What is subroutine? What is instruction is used to call a subroutine? Explain
  • 3.            Write a program for 8085 to create a time delay and explain how it works.
  • 4.             Discuss in detail about the I/O mapped I/O scheme.
  • 5.             What is an interrupt? Explain.
  • a) State and prove Demorgan’s theorem.

b) What are complements? Explain their use.

c) Write a note on ASCII and TTL gates.

  • 6.            Convert the decimal number (412-214)10 to octal and hexadecimal.
  • 7.             What is memory map? Explain.
  • 8.             Explain the functions of decoders.
  • 9.             Explain how the instructions are classified for 8085.

NOTE: Above sample paper for Diploma in Electrical Engineering 3rd year of Microprocessors has been created after reviewing various universities question papers. We are not sure whether your university has same or similar question pattern. We always suggest you to go thoroughly with text books, teachers’ notes etc. for better results.

We wish you best of luck for upcoming examinations.