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Sample Paper for Diploma in Fashion MerchandisingItsMyAcademy.com

Sample Paper for Diploma in Fashion Merchandising for 1st year in Garment Styles & Parts

Diploma in Fashion Merchandising is 1 or 2 year course conducted by various universities. Diploma in Fashion Merchandising course is done after the completion of the basic schooling. Following Old question paper for Diploma in Fashion Merchandising 1st year is an example of model question paper. This model question paper of Diploma in Fashion Merchandising is of 60 marks. There are 8 questions being asking but you have to attempt any 5 of them and each of the questions in this Diploma in Fashion Merchandising question paper carries 12 marks. The maximum time allowed to finish this Diploma in Fashion Merchandising model question paper is 3 hours.

Diploma in Fashion Merchandising




Time: 3 hours                                                                                                  M.Marks:60


Note: – Attempt any 5 questions.

All questions carry equal marks.

1. Answer ALL the questions.

1. Explain about sleeves and its types with neat figure.
2. ––––––––––– is a long tool whose point can be inserted into the corners of collars and seams to give a neat appearance.
(a) Pins (b) Orange stick
(c) Bodkin (d) Needle.

3. ––––––––––– is otherwise called as yardstick.
(a) Metre scale (b) Hem gauge
(c) Small ruler (d) L-scale.
4. ––––––––––– is worn on the middle finger of the left hand to protect the finger and to aid in doing hand sewing quickly.
(a) Stiletto (b) Thimble
(c) Bodkin (d) Needle case.
5. ––––––––––– is useful for ironing small parts like sleeves of a garment.
(a) Sleeve board (b) Iron
(c) Ironing board (d) None of the above.
6. ––––––––––– works the mechanism of the sewing machine.
(a) Feed dog (b) Fly wheel
(c) Slide plate (d) Needle bar.
7. ––––––––––– consists of a set of teeth fitted below the needle plate in a sewing machine.
(a) face plate (b) slide plate
(c) feed dog (d) spool pin.
8. ––––––––––– controls the length of the stitch in a sewing machine.
(a) stitch regulator (b) Feed dog
(c) Bobbin (d) Bobbin case.

9. ––––––––––– holds the cloth firmly in position when lowered in a sewing machine.
(a) Needle bar (b) Tension disc
(c) Presser foot (d) None of the above.
10. ––––––––––– holds the thread in position from the spool to the needle in a sewing machine.
(a) Spool pin (b) Thread guider
(c) Tension disc (d) Take-up lever.
11. ––––––––––– sleeves are cut and stitched separately and seamed to the armhole of the garment.
(a) Set in sleeves (b) Kimono sleeve
(c) Cap sleeve (d) Magyar sleeve.
12. ––––––––––– is a variation of bell sleeve where in the lower edge is spread into circle
(a) Bishop sleeve
(b) Bell sleeve
(c) Circular sleeve
(d) Leg-O-mutton sleeve.

2. (a)Write short notes on measuring tool.
    (b)Write short notes on sewing thread and its types.

3. (a)Write short notes on sleeveless styles.
    (b)Write short notes on Night wear for ladies.

4.  (a) Write short notes on Peter Pan collar.
      (b)Write short notes on Salwar and its drafting instruction.

5. Explain about cutting tools and marking tools.

6. Explain about the parts and functions of the sewing machine.

7. Write the drafting instruction for ladies blouse.

8. . ––––––––––– have round handles and the blades are usually less than 6 inches and used for snipping threads.
(a) Scissors (b) Shears
(c) Pinking shears (d) Electric scissors
Note: Above Sample Paper for Diploma in Fashion Merchandising for 1st year has been prepared by reviewing few universities sample papers. We are not sure whether your university has same or similar question pattern. We always suggest you to go thoroughly with text books, professor’s note & syllabus. Wish you a very good luck for your upcoming examination for Diploma in Fashion Merchandising 1st year.