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Sample Paper for Diploma in Financial ManagementItsMyAcademy.com

Sample Paper for Diploma in Financial Management for 1st year in Business Economics

Diploma in Financial Management is 1 or 2 year course conducted by various universities. Diploma in Financial Management course is done after the completion of the basic schooling. Following Old question paper for Diploma in Financial Management 1st year is an example of model question paper. This model question paper of Diploma in Financial Management is of 60 marks. There are 8 questions being asking but you have to attempt any 5 of them and each of the questions in this Diploma in Financial Management question paper carries 12 marks. The maximum time allowed to finish this Diploma in Financial Management model question paper is 3 hours.

Diploma in Financial Management




Time: 3 hours                                                                                                  M.Marks:60

Note: – Attempt any 5 questions.

All questions carry equal marks.


  1. Illustrate the role of association in self development.
  2. Write Short Note on:

a)      Fixed and variable cost

b)     Opportunity cost

c)      Marginal cost


  1. What is Market structure? Also explain ANY 2 of the following :

a)      Perfect Competition

b)     Monopoly

c)      Monopolistic competition

d)     Oligopoly

4. Write short note on:

    • Buyer’s Equilibrium
    • Sellers Equilibrium
    • Bring out the different types of appraisals.

5. Identify important difficulties in appraisal system.

6. Discuss the different levels of formal training.

7. Illustrate the structure and functions of training department.

8. What is Indifference curve? Also explain the relation of Indifference curve and Demand.
Note: Above Sample Paper for Diploma in Financial Management for 1st year has been prepared by reviewing few universities sample papers. We are not sure whether your university has same or similar question pattern. We always suggest you to go thoroughly with text books, professor’s note & syllabus. Wish you a very good luck for your upcoming examination for Diploma in Financial Management 1st year.